Your wedding is a special day, it is when you connect with your significant other.  With this importance, you want everything to be perfect, including your hair.  Just because you want your hair perfect doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune.  Here are some hair salon in Ottawa tips for wedding DIY hair styles

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Waterfall Braid

The waterfall braid is a stunning hair style that will leave your groom in awe.  It gathers your hair along the sides of your head to the back and then leaves your hair collected.  This may not be the simplest style but it is very rewarding.

Start a French braid over your right ear and then pull the left strand into the middle, this is the start of the waterfall.  Repeat the same with hair from the top of your head.  Do the same from the right.  Continue like this until your hair has reached the left side.  Secure the hair with a bobby pin and cover said bobby pin with the remaining hair.

Low Braided Headband Bun

This hair style is a lot easier and it is both a classic and rustic look.  Your hair starts out braided and then works its way into a bun.  The low braided headband bun works best after the second day of your hair washing.  It is also versatile because it will work with any style braiding.

This style begins with braiding each side (with your favorite braiding style) of the head to the back of the ear (or the top) and then locking the braid into place with a clear headband.  Take the remaining hair and create a ponytail.  Wrap the pieces of your ponytail up and create a fancy bun.  If you don’t want your bangs to get in the way you can take them and tuck them behind the braid.  This will cover a portion of the braids and create an interesting look.

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